Separate gatherings present polar views on proposals to cut Oklahoma's personal income tax

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Separate gatherings present polar views on proposals to cut Oklahoma's personal income tax

Proponents of cutting Oklahoma's personal income tax maintain it will stimulate economic growth and attract businesses while opponents say that cutting the personal income tax poses risks.

Consumers Can't Decide Whether To Hate Or Love Smart Meters

Smart meters are said to help people see how much energy is being consumed in real-time so they know where to cut usage. A lot of consumers aren't familiar with how they work, and they're concerned the new devices would lead to higher electrici…

The rules that should govern energy subsidies

Taxpayer dollars shouldn't be propping wealthy fossil-fuel companies whose products we want less of

The People vs. the IRS

Nina Olson, the national taxpayer advocate, is leading frustrated filers through the IRS labyrinth

Washington Federal to buy Oregon's South Valley Bank & Trust

Shareholders of the Klamath Falls-based bank will get $33.7 million in stock and possibly millions more in cash.

Four million homes in debt to energy giants

Fresh fears that millions are heading into fuel poverty are raised today as figures reveal that consumers now owe £478m to their energy suppliers.

Limbaugh Lost About 100 Advertisers After First Month’s Boycott But Vows To Carry On

More than 100 advertisers, including all his technology advertisers except for LifeLock, withdrew their commercials from The Rush Limbaugh Show? in the past five weeks.

Coty shunned after calling on Avon with $10bn bid

Avon Products, the cosmetics company, has turned its nose up at a $10bn takeover offer from the perfume maker Coty.

More parents take on burdens on college debt for their children

Students and their parents line up along George Street in New Brunswick to move into the Rockoff Hall dorms of Rutgers University. / NJ PRESS MEDIA 2005

Tech firms' data gathering worries most Californians, poll finds

Trust is low even for the most widely used Internet and smartphone companies, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple. California's high-tech firms make the world's most popular smartphones, social networks and search engines, but there&#39…