More credit card users opting for cash back over travel

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More credit card users opting for cash back over travel

Cash-back credit cards becoming an attractive alternative to travel points

Herbert calls for audit following data breach that could cost millions

It has been called the most extensive data breach in Utah history: personal information for more than 700,000 stolen from a health department server. Now Gov. Gary Herbert has called for an independent audit of all state technology security efforts and…

Campaign cash piling up for Reid

Incumbent Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., raised more than $2 million in three months to add to a campaign fundraising haul of more than $12 million, according to records obtained Tuesday.

Apple chief is best-paid US boss after $376m bonus

The huge bonus handed to Tim Cook when he took over at the helm of Apple not only made him the best-paid boss of a US public company last year, it meant he earned more than the nine next most generously remunerated chief executives combined.

Protecting Yourself From Online Hackers

Global Payments is the latest company to fall victim to a large-scale hacking incident. On Monday, the company said hackers stole account information for nearly 1.5 million debit and credit card customers.

Helping the richest get richer

Last week, the Senate voted on a proposal by New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez to end some of the billions of dollars in handouts enjoyed by the fossil-fuel industry.

Big fish in the smallest pond

BAXTER – Early spring is seen as an advantage in housing market and a Baxter mortgage business is poised to grow as the economy recovers. Tom Hice started Tower Mortgage as an independently owned and operated lakes area business in 2000.

Money Power: Home sales up a bit, but buyers still skittish

With average home prices back where they were 10 years ago and sales still sluggish, it seems as if sellers can't catch a break. But if you want to sell your home this year, there are glimmers of hope.

The student loan crisis everyone saw coming

President Obama has fought hard to ease the student-debt burden, but Republicans threaten his fragile gains

Mostly Clear

Kwik Trip inc. is recalling some doughnuts that may contain undeclared traces of egg added by the supplier. The company says the recall applies to all Glazers donuts.