Kansas House passes tax cut plan

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Kansas House passes tax cut plan

The Kansas House on tentatively Tuesday passed a plan for reducing individual income taxes while protecting key tax credits for the working poor and removing sales taxes from food.

What's the Most Important Reform for College Financial Aid?

Student loans are both a necessary part of our higher-ed system and, potentially, the next debt bomb to take down the economy. What's the best way to responsibly encourage students to keep learning after high school?

Celebrate National Consumer Protection Week with Your BBB

Tucson, AZ – March 1, 2012- Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona is joining with over 30 federal, state, and local government agencies, and national organizations to promote consumer education during the 14th annual National Consumer Protection W…

NewsWatch: Japan recovery: Heroic bid may yet fall short

Nearly a year after a monster earthquake set off a chain-reaction of tragic events, Japan serves as a reminder of not only how far it has come from the catastrophic aftermath, but also how much more difficult its task remains.

Should peeking into divorce files be allowed? Minister's case raises debate

When details of Vic Toews' difficult divorce were splashed across Twitter, many Canadians shared a commiserating shudder with the public safety minister.

Shop Talk | Proposed outlet mall has them talking in Ellensburg

Carl's Jr., a fast-food chain with locations throughout the West, is scheduled to open this week in Ellensburg.

4 Things Identity Thieves Don't Want You To Know

MoneyGram, the second largest money transfer business in the U.S., has learned a thing or two about the lengths fraudsters will go to dupe consumers. Sometimes the key to sniffing out the bad guys is to throw on your skull cap and think like one.

Gregoire: Lawmakers will keep things simple during special session

Gov. Chris Gregoire says she has agreements from Washington lawmakers to stick to a limited agenda in the special session that starts at noon Monday.

NewsWatch: U.S. stocks rise after upbeat jobs report

U.S. stocks gain after data show the economy added more jobs than expected last month, furthering optimism that the American recovery continues.

Fidelity Investments' 2011 profit rises 13 percent

Fidelity Investments said on Wednesday that its operating income rose 13 percent in 2011, the third consecutive year of rising profits for the privately held company after a slowdown during the financial crisis.