NewsWatch: Groupon shares hit in after-hours trading

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NewsWatch: Groupon shares hit in after-hours trading

Daily-deals firm downwardly revises its fourth-quarter earnings and sales, and its auditor tacks on a warning in a company regulatory filing.

Business briefs: Tobacco companies must list chemicals

Also: Credit card companies report possible breach

Today’s job fair at CNCC to connect job seekers with local employers

In most cases, the job search goes like this: Step one: fill out an application. Step two: Wait, sometimes for months, to hear back from the employer. The 2012 Moffat County Job Fair scheduled for 2 to 7 p.m. today in Craig, however, offers instant gra…

Blackberry maker RIM could be sold after more catastrophic results

The new chief executive of Research in Motion, the maker of Blackberry smartphones, signalled that he would be open to selling the company after it posted another catastrophic set of sales figures and plunged into the red.

Solvay Bank's Mello named to New York Fed board

Quot;I'll be looking at the same charts that Ben Bernanke and others are looking at," he says.

School Employee Files Accidentally Shipped To Prison

The personal information of about 100 district employees was accidentally shipped to a prison, according to the Greenville County School District.

Why Wall Street Hates the Lazy Portfolios Strategy

Farrell: The more you trade at Wall Street's casino, the richer your broker gets.

Chesapeake Energy CEO capitalizing today on tomorrow's profits in West Virginia's farmland

Jamestown Resources has entered into mortgages with a global investment group to raise funds against untold portions of its W.Va. holdings.

How to Get the Best Credit-Card Rewards

Lenders are rolling out sweet sign-on bonuses to affluent clients — often in points that convert to cash.

NewsWatch: U.S. consumers in economic driver’s seat

Investors will get a better idea of how Americans feel about the economy through reports this week on consumer confidence and individual spending. Economists are watching to see if a jump in gas prices starts to weigh on the mind of consumers.