Can You Take Your Credit Card Company to Court?

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Can You Take Your Credit Card Company to Court?

Critics complain mandatory arbitration clauses are often hidden in consumer contracts, and limit consumers' freedom to fight fees and charges in court. The Supreme Court ruled earlier this month in favor of these clauses, settingĀ consumer advocate…

The housing recovery that wasn't

FORTUNE — Over the past few months, a spate of good news about the U.S. housing market has led some to think a recovery is finally on the horizon.

The Simple Strategy That Beat the Market

Covered calls have won lately, but they also have their risk.

Marple and Newtown police beat for week of Jan. 25

NEWTOWN Drug Paraphernalia A 24-year-old Marple man driving a 1999 Dodge was arrested in the parking lot of Carriage House Apartments on Bishop Hollow Road, 11:15 p.m., Jan. 16, and charged with simple possession, drug paraphernalia and traffic control…

Saving via nonprofit banking

If you're deciding between between banks and credit unions for your money management, here's a stat from Wisconsin that may sway your decision to the nonprofit side: The average household saves $164 annually by using a credit union.

Has Housing Really Bottomed?

Massive intervention by Federal agencies and the Federal Reserve have kept the market from discovering price and the risk premium in real estate. That sets up a "catch the falling knife" possibility for impatient real estate investors.

Obama in Ann Arbor this morning: The focus is education

In advance of President Barack Obama 's address at the University of Michigan this morning, where he's expected to focus on education, the White House released the following:

Fed says interest rates likely to stay near zero through late 2014

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the central bank was prepared to take more action if necessary to keep the economy moving, but that weakness in the housing sector is a key to recovery and interest rates would remain low for nearly three years.

White House’s Krueger Warns of Shrinking Middle Class

The White Houses top economist said income inequality in the U.S. has reached the point where the middle class has shrunk and it is a threat to our economic growth, according to prepared remarks.

Canadian Markets: Bank, energy stocks drag on Canada market

Financial stocks fall as the U.S. dollar falters following a Federal Reserve promise Wednesday to keep interest rates low until late 2014.