How Much of the Global Economy Is Useless Friction?

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How Much of the Global Economy Is Useless Friction?

There is no way that printing money or standard "austerity" measures can overcome the structural friction crippling economies such as Greece and Italy–or those of the U.S., the rest of the E.U. and China.

Vegter Named to Morrison School Board

MORRISON A regular monthly meeting of the Morrison Schools Board of Education was held on Tuesday evening October 25th, 2011. Following the approval of minutes from the September meeting, members made a motion to go into closed session for the purpose…

Buying a house? Not with your credit score

Dear Dr. Don, I have a credit score of 494 and work two jobs, but I still don’t make more than $2,200 per month, including my child support. Would I be able to buy a house with my income?

US private sector adds jobs in Oct

Reuters/New York US private employers added more jobs than expected last month, while planned layoffs dropped sharply, underscoring the view the economy is on a path of slow growth.

Jeremy M. Simon’s 3 Favorite Credit Scoring Questions

Here’s a look at some interesting credit-related questions from over the years. 

Protesters unhitch Wells Fargo wagon

Some protestors dressed as cattle during Friday’s march on Wells Fargo downtown Denver, demanding the bank end its unethical practices, which includes shareholding in the for-profit prison company Geo Group Inc.

London midday: Mass sell-off on Greek default risks

LONDON – News that Greece is to hold a referendum on its latest bailout package and some worrying economic data at home and away rattled the markets on Tuesday, with the Footsie dropping close to 3%, while other European benchmarks fell by between 4% …