Homebuilders Sell to In-Laws, Dogs

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Homebuilders Sell to In-Laws, Dogs

More new homes are being built for and marketed to multigenerational families

The Internet-crippling Bill Might Get Slightly Less Terrible [internet]

Internet Legislation that would prevent Americans from visiting websites the government claims are violating copyright rules had a tumultuous first hearing Wednesday, with its main sponsor unexpectedly expressing reservations over the bill’s scope. Mor…

StrikeForce Is Awarded a Multi-Year Licensing Contract for Its Out-of-Band Authentication Platform From One of the

Financial Company Will Utilize StrikeForce’s Out-of-Band Authentication for Employees and More Than 12 Million Customers

How Creative Types Can Rock Financial Planning

Does the idea of tinkering with a spreadsheet to create a budget make you cringe? Would you rather play around with colored markers and a sketchpad instead?

Debtors to Collectors: Show Proof the Debt is Really Owed

Debt collector to credit card user: "Show me the money." Credit card user to debt collector: "Show me the proof."

Govt policies cool China’s real estate boom

In the last two weeks, brokerages across China have laid off thousands of brokers and closed hundreds of offices.

NewsWatch: Italy OKs economic reforms; Berlusconi resigns

Italy’s lower house of Parliament passed a debt-cutting budget bill Saturday, and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi resigns as expected.

Coastal Bend business datebook: 11.13.11

Business-related seminars, meetings in the Coastal Bend

Avid Law Center Fights for Homeowners by Filing Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit

Orange County-Based Real Estate Litigation Law Firm Fights Against "Robo-Signing"

The $5 Fee Heard ‘Round the World

The failed $5 debit card fee is just the beginning.