D.A. Cruz: scams target seniors

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D.A. Cruz: scams target seniors

There will always be scams and unscrupulous individuals who will try anything to make a quick buck at someone else’s expense.  But there are simple ways to avoid falling victim to these con artists.

Mortgage purchase demand rises

Purchase applications for home mortgages rebounded last week, but demand for refinancing sagged for a second week in a row, an industry group said on Wednesday.

Across U.S., interest up in N. Dakota state bank

Lawmakers in other states are modeling proposals on the state-owned Bank of North Dakota as activists protest bailouts for JPMorgan Chase and other financial giants while their customers struggle with foreclosures and unemployment.

How to drive your auto insurance lower

The ideal way to save money is to exert effort once and automatically reap savings over and over again, every month. That’s why examining your car insurance makes a lot of sense.

Who’s been scanning your credit card?

Sometimes an invention can solve a problem. At other times, it can leave you wondering: Was this a problem to begin with? Think of the difference between a TV remote control and a Flowbee. Everyone likes to change the channel without getting out of the…

Part 6: Answers to Your Questions on Student Loans and Scholarships

Mark Kantrowitz, a financial aid guru, is answering reader questions on student loans, scholarships and other financial topics of the season.

Jennifer Openshaw: How Europe’s debt crisis hits your wallet

The European debt crisis can hit consumer’s pocketbooks three ways: market volatility, bank safety and stability and by denting U.S. trade and jobs.

Jeff’s Personal Finance Basics #73 Employee Benefits Medical, prescription, vision and dental plans

Employee Benefits – Part 3 Medical, prescription, vision and dental plans Types of medical insurance Traditional indemnity or fee-for-service Early . . .

Credit card offers occupying your mailbox? Here are ways to curb their enthusiasm

Laurie Nelesen saved all her credit-card solicitations for a month. Guess how many she got?

North Dakota’s State-run Bank Boosts Treasury, Spurs Imitators

Eric Hardmeyer, chief executive officer of the Bank of North Dakota, said he’s heard from 30 to 40 states asking the same thing: How does the only state-owned bank in the U.S. work?