Mortgage Applications Tumbled Last Week

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Mortgage Applications Tumbled Last Week

Home mortgage applications dropped last week as demand for refinancing sagged for the second week in a row. (44 mins ago)

10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know: Yelp is scaling down its Groupon-killer . It seems a lot of daily deals offerings are shutting down or scaling down, which means Groupon is probably doing something right. (1 hour ago)

How to sniff out a charity scam

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene or other natural disasters, donating to a charity can bring much-needed relief to suffering victims. Unfortunately, not every charity is on the up and up. (3 hours ago)

POD CD: Dodge probate with this investment

Dear Dr. Don, If I were to purchase a payable-on-death CD, or POD CD, would there be an early withdrawal penalty if the beneficiary withdraws the deposit prior to maturity? (1 hour ago)

Scammers using social media

SA Consumer Affairs Minister Gail Gago says social media is making it easier for scammers to dupe victims. (2 hours ago)

Seven Ways Fed Policy Affects Your Pocketbook

Fed policy affects mortgages, credit cards, auto loans and other products that charge interest. (15 hours ago)

Late fees are down: the sequel

Wow, we haven’t seen late fees this few and far between since 1994. That’s right, for those who crave good news about our economy, here’s some: Late payments to credit cards are (13 hours ago)

Lenny: Exposure charges

Former Phillies centerfielder Lenny Dykstra, already facing legal troubles involving his failed financial ventures, was charged yesterday with two counts of indecent exposure involving several women responding to advertisements he placed on Craigslist,…

S&p Prompts $1 Trillion Stock Loss With U.s. Rating

Shareholders in U.S.-listed companies can thank Standard & Poor’s for making them $1 trillion poorer after the rating firm earlier this month lowered the grade on Treasury securities for the first time to AA+ from AAA. Now, some of the most experienced investors say the stock market losses make no sense. (6 mins ago)

Your Smartphone or Tablet Now Takes Plastic: Verizon Wireless and Intuit Team Up to Offer GoPayment; Mobile Credit

Verizon Wireless and Intuit Inc. today announced a strategic alliance to give all small businesses â from the sole proprietor to a medium-sized business â the ability to process credit card payments on smartphones and tablets. Â The companies are no…