Fed Finding No Structural Jobless Change

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Fed Finding No Structural Jobless Change

Data Crunchers at the Federal Reserve see no long term structural shift in the labor market to prevent an employment revival (2 hours ago)

Robert Powell’s Your Portfolio: No debt-limit deal? Your investments plummet

It’s no joke. The sky over the investment world and everything under it, including bonds, stocks, money markets, commodities, you name it, will fall unless lawmakers raise the $14.3 trillion Federal debt ceiling by Aug. 2. (4 hours ago)

Tuesday, June 28

TUESDAY, JUNE 28 COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID 101: Learn the basics of obtaining financial aid for your college education, including the FAFSA application, loans and scholarships. Registration required. 1 p.m. Free. Project for Pride in Living, 1925 Chicago A…

Pennridge Area Police Reports

Retail theft Matthew T. Freed, 20, of the 600 block of Landis Road in Franconia, was cited for retail theft after $87.38 of merchandise was reported taken from Walmart on Route 309 about 4:10 a.m. June 20, Hilltown Township Police Department said. (2 h…

Personal Finance: Dwindling perks, less perkiness

They are the walking wounded – the people who still have jobs but are growing weary after all the cuts and pressures at work as companies continue trying to do more with less. (37 mins ago)

New federal home-loan caps hit Kitsap County hardest

Local real-estate agents and mortgage lenders fear a pending drop in FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac home-loan limits will harm an already-weak Puget Sound housing market and potentially unravel pending deals. (14 hours ago)

Arrests: Slidell Police

The Slidell Police Department made the following arrests June 30 to July 5: (7 hours ago)

NewsWatch: Does Apple need a cheaper iPhone?

Apple has carved out a highly profitable portion of the smartphone market with its popular iPhone, but analysts believe the company is designing a cheaper version of the device for new market segments. (11 hours ago)

Stop ID thieves from stealing your kid’s credit

A TODAY investigation revealed that criminals routinely use a child’s pristine credit record to their advantage and get away with it for years or decades. The issue for parents is this: What can I do to protect my child? (2 weeks ago)

Pension Fund Mechanics: Contractually Promising The Future

The central absurdity underlying traditional pension funds is the assumption that economists and financial professionals know the future, and that they know it with such certainty that society can legally guarantee it. (2 hours ago)