Deficit deadlock: Myths and realities

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Deficit deadlock: Myths and realities

Here’s a guide to the reality behind the spin in the debt ceiling battle: ¬† (9 hours ago)

Recovery’ may not be the right word for what’s going on

Why haven’t we been able to shake the shell-shocked feeling of the Great Recession? (23 mins ago)

9,000 charged to stolen card; health aide arrested

A Reading couple has been charged with allegedly stealing the credit card of an elderly Frederick Mennonite Home resident and making 69 unauthorized purchases in the amount of more than $9,000. (2 hours ago)

Sallie Mae Reports Second-quarter Financial Results

Sallie Mae today released second-quarter 2011 financial results that reflected increased student loan originations and improved student loan delinquencies. (1 day ago)

The 30-Year Amortizing Mortgage is a Win-Win

Let’s give some ground first. Buce is spot-on with: One is the question whether Fannie/Freddie misbehaved in the years leading up to the pop. (6 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: More control over your credit report, coming soon

Good news for consumers on the credit-report and credit-score front. Read that story, plus find out about Social Security calculators and how to be smart about your ice-cream consumption, all in today’s Personal Finance Daily. (11 hours ago)

Credit-report firms to face more scrutiny

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau gains new powers on Thursday, including oversight of the companies that compile the credit reports from which credit scores are generated. That could be good news for consumers. (5 hours ago)

What’s in store today

Severn Trent makes an appearance today. The water industry has been under careful watch since the bid for Northumbrian Water was confirmed at the start of this month. Severn Trent is also not without its suitors, boasting attractive cash and profit l…

Fixes haven’t stopped ‘robo-signing’ problem

Mortgage industry employees are still signing documents they haven’t read and using fake signatures more than eight months after big banks and mortgage companies promised to stop the illegal practices that led to a nationwide halt of home foreclosures….

Borders proposed liquidation to impact local stores

Borders bookstores announced plans Thursday to liquidate its assets and close all 399 of its stores, including two in the Rochester area. (5 hours ago)