State agencies face campaign finance sanctions

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State agencies face campaign finance sanctions

State campaign finance watchdogs handed out three fines Thursday hitting a House Republican political committee, a Democratic county executive and a Seattle-based political advocacy group for immigrants. (1 hour ago)

Mortgage applications declined last week: MBA

Applications for home mortgages fell last week, after a sharp bounce the week before, as refinance demand dropped and interest rates rose, an industry group said on Wednesday. (2 days ago)

Action Line: How to prevent SSN fraud for your children

Dear Action Line: I have heard my ‘child’s credit identity can be stolen.’ As she is only 5 and has no credit cards, that I know of, what’s this all about? D.M., Tulsa (14 mins ago)

Noted Economist Cites Widespread ‘Financial Irresponsibility’ as Key Factor Promoting Uncivil, Unethical Behavior on

Henry Kaufman Hits Shortcomings in Fed Policies and Flawed Analysis by Economics Profession (1 day ago)

Brett Arends’ ROI: Who really benefited from QE2 anyway?

The Fed’s program was better for Wall Street than Main Street, according to Brett Arends (3 hours ago)

Faulkenberry takes the helm at FBMC

A veteran of state personnel management, most recently the Department of Management Services, David Faulkenberry has transitioned to the private sector as president of FBMC Benefits Management, where he’ll direct the company’s continued growth. (1 hour…

Best Friend Forever: 5 ways to avoid sabotaging your retirement savings

Your front porch sags, your kitchen is the size of a broom closet, and you can’t run the vacuum and the dishwasher at the same time without blowing a fuse. You’d love to buy a nicer house, but given the wretched state of the housing market, you’re prob…

10 Things Life Insurers Won’t Tell You

The coverage you can skip, and what’s buried in the fine print. (7 hours ago)

Did flight attendant get job with fake ID?

Federal authorities are investigating an apparent case of stolen identity after an American Eagle Airlines employee allegedly used another man’s identity to get a job as a flight attendant. (8 hours ago)

ANN ARBOR: Standard & Poor’s gives city’s water, sewer systems AA ratings. But what does that mean?

The City of Ann Arbor received good news recently. Its water system and its sewage system received AA- and AA+ credit ratings, respectively, by Standard & Poor’s. (21 mins ago)