Personal Finance Daily: Real-estate company mistakes plague homeowners

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Personal Finance Daily: Real-estate company mistakes plague homeowners

When a title company’s mistake forces a homeowner to pay his neighbor’s property tax, you’d think the company might be eager to help him rectify the problem. Not so. Read that story and more in today’s Personal Finance Daily. (22 hours ago)

JPMorgan Leads $22 Billion Increase in U.S. Banks? Payouts

U.S. bank investors may be rewarded with an extra $22 billion annually after government tests showed the industry has regained enough strength to boost dividends and share buybacks. (6 hours ago)

In Kingpin,? a New Look at Cybercrime – Review

A new book, Kingpin,? is an account of how a computer hacker wiped clean his competitors? databases and took their customers. (32 mins ago)

Budget cuts give Herrera Beutler pause

U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler admits she has reservations about the billions of dollars in discretionary nondefense programs the House wants to cut from the current year’s federal budget. (21 hours ago)

Assurant Maintained at Neutral

We are maintaining our Neutral recommendation on the shares of Assurant Inc., following the release of fourth quarter and fiscal 2010 results (18 hours ago)

Cheltenham police trace credit card fraud in Glenside area to hacked system at Primex

The recycling, in the bucket, at the curb. Well, maybe not. (20 mins ago)

Overleveraging is NOT a Gender Issue

What’s the point of the credit card application process? Obviously, it’s in place so creditors can evaluate prospective customers and make sure people will be financially capable of living up to the terms of their credit agreements. That makes sense. (…

The Fed’s Credit Report

Mike shows how nothing has changed, any "fixes" offered by government and Fed to ostensibly help the economy end up shifting debt and bubbles around to different places. Now it’s zero percent financing for auto loans, and student loans. (23 hours ago)

Report: How States Are Fleecing Foster Children

Advocates Document Confiscation of Foster Children’s Assets by State Governments& Increase in Identity Theft (55 mins ago)

NewsWatch: U.S. stocks tumble on Japan nuclear fears

U.S. stocks plunge Tuesday, joining a global market selloff started in Tokyo as Japan’s nuclear crisis deepened and worries escalated over the human and economic toll of last week’s devastating earthquake. (1 hour ago)