Jason Alderman: A Few Thoughts on Financial Literacy

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Jason Alderman: A Few Thoughts on Financial Literacy

What rational person believes that learning how to make a meaningful budget, understanding the wise use of credit, and saving aggressively for your future is a bad idea? (5 mins ago)

The Year Of The Fraud

And How To Avoid Being Part Of It Fraud is a lucrative career path in the United States. Too bad it’s illegal. (19 mins ago)

Plunging prices make Fresno homes more affordable

The combination of low home prices and interest rates is opening the door to homeownership for people who have not had the opportunity before. But that doesn’t mean the homebuying process is any easier. (14 hours ago)

The Best Retirement Places

Lists of best places to retire are a popular mainstay of personal finance journalism. Here at Forbes we’ve published our share, producing rosters focusing on favored locations for retirees seeking an active lifestyle,  a foreign residence and even, in…

What is Systems Management, and Why Should You Care?

You need technology to run your business, but systems management solutions take the load off your shoulders and let you focus on your business. Learn what systems management can do for you. (1 hour ago)

MAP grant deadline cutoff extended one week

CHARLESTON – The application deadline for Monetary Award Program funding has been extended to Friday, the head of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission confirmed. (2 days ago)

Legislators, NVAR examine mortgage reforms

Fairfax County’s federal legislators have joined together in rallying around President Obama and his calls to reform the Federal National Mortgage Association and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., better known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, respectivel…

March Stock Mania: Ford topples Apple

Though it’s had a rough year so far, Ford’s stock proved that it is built strong and tough. (20 mins ago)

Boulder shopping centers look to reinvent retail vacancies

The vacancy rates at U.S. shopping centers have steadily increased during each of the 20 quarters since 2006. In the very near-term, it appears the quarterly vacancy hikes could continue in Colorado, and especially within the Denver and Boulder regions…

Fraud Awareness Month

Surrey Board of Trade releases Fraud Awareness Advocacy positions and Business Fraud Awareness event (25 mins ago)