Intersections Inc. Announces Repurchase of Shares from CCP Equity Partners

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Intersections Inc. Announces Repurchase of Shares from CCP Equity Partners

Intersections Inc. , a leading provider of consumer and corporate identity risk management services which has served 32 million consumers, announced today that it repurchased all shares in the Company owned by investment funds affiliated with CCP Equit…

The News-Herald website adding national business, finance coverage

YARDLEY, Pa. Journal Register Co., which owns The News-Herald Newspapers, announced Monday that it has entered into an agreement with TheStreet, a digital financial media company, to cross-promote certain content and services. (43 mins ago)

What are your Iowa legislators up to? Here’s a mega list of bills

Dozens of bills died in this week’s so called funnel, a deadline lawmakers impose to winnow their workload and kill legislation that doesn’t have enough support. (4 hours ago)

GOP to try again on tax bill

Negotiations over a controversial tax reform bill in the General Assembly may drag over the weekend as Republicans in the House and Senate hammer out their differences behind closed doors. (5 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Global crises affect your mortgage rate

How do the crises in Japan and the Middle East affect your mortgage rate? Today in her Home Economics column, Amy Hoak explains that the uncertainty surrounding global events such as these tends to spur investor flight to quality. (2 hours ago)

Pre-empt the next crisis

Falling house prices and a backlog of foreclosures have turned 2011 into the most desperate year yet for many American homeowners. The pain just keeps coming, and government programs have proven ineffective at assisting many of those in danger of losin…

CPP drops nearly 50pc on news of FSA probe

CPP, the credit card and identity theft insurer, plunged almost 50pc on Tuesday as traders reacted to news of a probe by the Financial Services Authority . (45 mins ago)

Billionaire self-pity and the Koch brothers

The libertarian tycoons explain why they are the True Victims of America’s political culture (3 hours ago)

The 5 Most Important Divisions for JPMorgan

JP Morgan is one of the leading global financial services company. The firm has an asset base of over $2 trillion and serves customers in more than 60 countries worldwide. Its main (1 day ago)

The Color of Money: Try appeal if denied health coverage

Say what you want about health-care reform, but as with many other pieces of legislation that have been passed during the country’s recent economic hard times, we are getting some much-needed transparency on a number of personal-finance issues. (10 hou…