Education notes: News from schools near you

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Education notes: News from schools near you

Steve Lenertz, a Burnsville High School graduate who works at Goodrich Corp., presented the school a $4,500 donation from Goodrich for science research supplies and travel to international competitions. Since 1992, the school’s students have qualified 16 times to participate in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. (57 mins ago)

Best ways to save at the pump: do you need a bonus card?

It’s probably one of the most dreaded chores of drivers today. When the gas light comes on, and you know it’s time to fill the tank. It’s not only time consuming, but it can drain your pockets with today’s prices. (8 hours ago)

Roseman: Financial literacy means saying no to business interests

Canada needs a strategy to improve financial literacy, but shouldn’t invite large companies into the tent. (5 hours ago)

Apple: The Core of Every Portfolio?

Steve Jobs is ill again. But the earnings outlook is terrific for at least two more years, and the stock looks cheap. (5 hours ago)

Capitol Digest

A roundup of legislative and Capitol items of interest for Monday, Feb. 7: (2 hours ago)

Robert Powell: Savers? impatience hinders retirement goals

Savers? focus on the present is one reason the U.S. is undergoing a retirement crisis. Another reason is financial illiteracy. (24 mins ago)

Online money managers take strain out of finances

How much do you spend on clothes, food, fuel or just dining out each month? (5 hours ago)

Roseman: Thieves can use gift cards before you do

It’s better to buy gift cards from a person behind a counter rather than cards displayed on racks, which can be used fraudulently. (3 hours ago)

Tesco’s Benny Higgins joins board of Scottish Financial Enterprise

TESCO Bank chief executive Benny Higgins has joined the board of trade body Scottish Financial Enterprise . (5 hours ago)

Crunching digital data can help the world

The big issues in the air at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos were privacy and “big data” — the vast amounts of revealing information we generate when using computers and mobile phones. Pundits have framed the discussion in simplistic terms, as an epic struggle between individual rights and corporate profits. (4 hours ago)