Couple inherits $300,000, ponders paying off low-rate mortgage

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Couple inherits $300,000, ponders paying off low-rate mortgage

Couple inherits $300,000, ponders paying off low-rate mortgage (57 mins ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Resolve to watch less TV, spend less, set goals

Whether you’re a parent who works outside the home or not, your children are going to be OK, a new study finds. Plus, need help on your New Year’s resolutions? One financial planner suggests you watch less television. Read those stories and more in Personal Finance Daily. (2 hours ago)

Overflow of holiday bills still to come

The combination of rising credit card minimum payments and reduced credit limits coupled with record levels of unemployment have proven to be challenging for many Americans entering 2011. (30 mins ago)

NewsWatch: U.S. house prices tumble in October

According to data released Tuesday, six cities set new lows in October as the housing market remains divorced from the upturn seen in other parts of the U.S. economy. All 20 cities show declines. (2 hours ago)

NewsWatch: Blizzard warning as storm barrels East

Winter storm and blizzard warnings were in effect Sunday across much of the East Coast, where airport closures were likely. (1 hour ago)

NewsWatch: U.S. stocks face pullback predictions

After stocks rise to two-year highs in the latest week, market analysts say a retreat could be in the cards. (1 hour ago)

NewsWatch: Real GDP now at pre-recession levels

The economy in inflation-adjusted terms is now back to where it stood at its peak prior to the Great Recession of 2008-2009. You’d think that this momentous achievement would have been widely noted, but you’d be wrong. And therein lies a tale. (6 hours ago)

NewsWatch: Let’s toast the year’s dead tech gadgets

With CES around the corner, and a whole new barrage of technology products to be launched, let’s remember what gadgets bombed this year (53 mins ago)

Finance Blog Consumerism Commentary and Readers Donate $14,000 to Charity

Consumerism Commentary, the premiere personal finance blog, is pleased to announce that readers of the blog have rallied together to generously answer the website’s call for charitable donations. Readers donated a total of $8,000 and matching contributions from Consumerism Commentary brought the final donation tally to $14,000. (11 mins ago)

Kroger Pet Food Recalled for Aflatoxin Poisoning, Health Risks

Kroger announced on Tuesday that it is voluntarily recalling many of its Kroger, Old Yeller and Pet Pride dry dog and cat food varieties because they could contain aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is a naturally occurring chemical by-product that is toxic. Aflatoxin grows from the fungus Aspergillus Flavus found in corn and other crop foods used in pet food production. (4 hours ago)