Stock investors brace for another ugly September

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Stock investors brace for another ugly September

The economy is weakening, home sales are plunging and stocks are on a long slide. Now comes something even scarier for investors _ the beginning of what is traditionally the worst month in the market. (5 mins ago)

Pinkett Appointed Head of Human Resources and Corporate Services at Securian

ST. PAUL, Minn.—-Kathleen L. Pinkett has been named vice president of human resources and corporate services at Securian Financial Group, Inc., effective October 1. She will report directly to Chairman and CEO Robert L. (4 mins ago)

NewsWatch: Jackson Hole dispute: more economic medicine?

The U.S. economy is looking sick and the doctors are bickering about what, if anything, to do. That’s the broad takeaway from conversations at the Federal Reserve’s annual policy retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyo. (4 hours ago)

NewsWatch: 3Par goes for HP’s $2 billion offer

Hewlett-Packard Co.’s $2 billion, or $30-per-share, offer for 3Par Inc. was enough to win over the board of the data-storage company, which has notified Dell Inc. of its intention to end their previous merger agreement, 3Par said late Friday. (1 hour ago)

Usa Today De-emphasizing Print Edition, Laying Off 130

SAN FRANCISCO — USA Today, the nation’s second largest newspaper, is making the most dramatic overhaul of its staff in its 28-year history as it de-emphasizes its print edition and ramps up its effort to reach more readers and advertisers on mobile devices. (2 mins ago)

Why Not to Quit Stocks Altogether

Millions of investors are pulling their money out of this market, but that doesn’t mean you should follow the crowd. Stocks are still right for many portfolios. (27 mins ago)

NewsWatch: July new-home sales fall to record low pace

Sales of new homes in the United States fell to all-time record low in July, as demand from consumers has dried up after tax breaks for homebuyers expired in April, the Commerce Department estimated Wednesday. (18 mins ago)

Debenhams Reveals Shoppers Are Pocketing Luggage Charges

Debenhams has revealed that instead of paying expensive charges for stowing cases in the hold of the plane, canny holidaymakers are using their free hand luggage allowance and “wearing” the rest of their baggage. (6 mins ago)

Mortgage rates will hit 14pc within two years

Mortgage rates may climb to 14 per cent within two years, financial experts have warned. (12 mins ago)

IPO filing gives investors details on GM’s financial picture – for now

So what’s the sticker price on that General Motors IPO? The big number that many people want to know won’t be found in Wednesday’s S-1 filing – the first turn on GM’s road to becoming a publicly traded company again. (6 hours ago)