Plan now for Sales Tax Holiday and Back-to-school

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Plan now for Sales Tax Holiday and Back-to-school

Moving through the month of July makes it clear summer is ticking by and hopefully reminds us to make the most of the summer days that remain! (5 hours ago)

Roseman: Caught in Enbridge’s bungled billing? Some advice

Many people paid too little for gas in the past year and some paid too much, so it’s clear the plan’s benefits were overstated. (11 mins ago)

UPDATE 1-RadioShack quarterly profit rises, meets views

UPDATE 1-RadioShack quarterly profit rises, meets views (9 mins ago)

Consumer Confidence Survey

A University of Florida study found that consumer confidence in July is at an all time low. UF Survey Research Center Director on Economics and Business Research Chris McCarty says the survey took into account five components . (5 mins ago)

Small-cap investors know bigger not always better

BOSTON Bigger usually offers more protection than smaller. Think of boats in rough seas, or planes in turbulence. (4 hours ago)

Banks Unveil New Fees On Customers

As banks grapple with fewer customers, and new government regulation, they are testing out new fees on customers to see how much they will tolerate. Ron Lieber, a personal finance columnist for The New York Times , discusses what consumers can do. (38 mins ago)

With unemployment extension in limbo, here’s what to do when your unemployment benefits expire

With the U.S. Senate’s failure to extend unemployment benefits that expired in June, things have gone from bad to worse for unemployed workers. (10 mins ago)

Etrade Financial Posts Profitable 2q

ETrade reported its first profitable quarter in three years on Thursday, prompting shares to rally in after-hours trading. (5 hours ago)

London mid-morning: Footsie seeking direction

LONDON – Strong economic growth figures for the second quarter has done little to give Footsie any real sense of direction. (25 mins ago)

Thursday’s news and tips

Tate & Lyle said it has made a sound start to the year and continues to anticipate progress in the current full year. Outsourcing giant Capita said pressures on public spending may affect growth in the short term but it is confident its ability to deliver cost efficiencies will stand it in good stead. (50 mins ago)