Clark Howard Assigns You Personal Finance Homework

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Clark Howard Assigns You Personal Finance Homework

Consumer advisor Clark Howard took a look at one personal finance class that’s available in Gwinnett County, and has a summer homework assignment for students who haven’t taken one. (53 mins ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Good news on gas prices, but stocks? Not so much

Looks like gasoline prices will be on the low side this weekend, and maybe even through June, but whatever money you save at the pump probably won’t make up for what you lost in the stock market. (12 mins ago)

Personal Finance: Celebrity Cash

I almost feel sorry for Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson. It appears her life is falling down much like the London Bridge in the well-known nursery rhyme and singing game. Personal finance – Celebrities – Home – People – Money Management (10 hours ago)

Little Falls high school team best in the nation on personal finance

Little Falls high school team best in the nation on personal finance By Brad Allen | Wednesday, May 26, 2010 After a bit of prodding from social studies teacher Tom Stockard, four Minnesota seniors who didn’t think they knew much about personal finance ended up taking top honors in the first-ever National Personal Finance Challenge. (6 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Consumers are hopeful — and a lagging indicator

House prices in some locales appear to be heading back down again, the Dow takes trips below 10,000 and the unemployment rate is just about 10% — but consumers say things are looking up. (2 hours ago)

In-Depth Review: iBank 3 is a Superb Personal Finance Program

If you’ve been looking for a full featured personal finance tracking and reporting program, iBank 3 is an excellent choice. Rather than just doing the expected, iBank goes the extra mile in just about every element of its design. (4 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Parents and kids need to talk about credit cards

Don’t miss these top personal finance stories from MarketWatch on Tuesday, May 18. (2 days ago)

Local credit unions teach students about personal finance

FITCHBURG — Middle-school students from Fitchburg and Leominster will spend this morning renting apartments, shopping for cars and selecting cell-phone plans, all as part of an exercise in personal finance and budgeting. (9 hours ago)

Personal Finance lifted by improved conditions

EMERGING markets lender International Personal Finance performed ahead of expectations in April, fuelled by improving collections and lower impairment levels. (8 hours ago)

Personal Finance Expert Jean Chatzky Introduces New Programs to Help Americans Improve Credit Scores and Get Out of Debt

SAN FRANCISCO, May 11 — FinovateSpring — Nationally-recognized personal finance expert Jean Chatzky unveiled two new programs at today’s FinovateSpring 2010 conference in San Francisco. (1 day ago)