Woman injured in rollover near Rudd

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Woman injured in rollover near Rudd

RUDD A Charles City woman was injured in a one-vehicle rollover accident early Thursday morning three miles west of Rudd. (4 hours ago)

Pletschet: More 2010 investing resolutions to live by

Today, let’s continue with New Decade’s Resolutions, steps that you should take and temptations you should avoid as a means of successfully salting away money for retirement. (2 hours ago)

Mitchell supervisors, elected officials, get 1.6 percent raise

OSAGE The Mitchell County Board of Supervisors and other elected county officials will receive a 1.6 percent increase in compensation in 2010. (4 hours ago)

Got a gift card? Now’s a great time to start spending them

Unless you were very naughty, there’s a good chance you got a gift card for Christmas.Here are some tips on what you need to know about using gift cards. (2 hours ago)

NewsWatch: Airports tighten security after air attack effort

Airports worldwide over the weekend were increasing security — limiting carry-on luggage, restricting some passenger movement on flights, and making more intensive physical inspections of passengers and bags — in the wake of a Friday effort by a Nigerian man who claimed ties to Al Qaeda to take down a Northwest Airlines plane as it was attempting to land in Detroit. (3 hours ago)

What does 2010 have in store for your finances?

After one of the most difficult years for personal finance in living memory, Scotland on Sunday’s panel of Money Help Desk experts reveal their predictions for the comin (1 hour ago)

We made it through tough year — mostly

The year we wish wasn’t is nearly over, and It’s Only Money is shying away from a year-in-review or -ahead column for the good of readers and its own safety. (1 hour ago)

GE Cap sells transport finance biz to Shriram

In a bid to restructure its existing business in the country, GE Capital India has sold a part of its transportation finance portfolio to Shriram Transport Finance Company. GE Capital will retain the balance portfolio with no change to the existing people and infrastructure supporting the business. (3 hours ago)

NewsWatch: Stocks rise slightly for fourth consecutive gain

Energy and materials companies help push U.S. stocks back into the black Wednesday afternoon as commodity prices surge. (1 hour ago)

Groups emerge out of drive for competition

At least one of the government’s new year’s wishes looks set to come true. After its explicit calls for more competition in the banking market, the stage is set for the first entirely new retail bank launches in a century. (1 hour ago)