A look at economic developments around the globe

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A look at economic developments around the globe

A look at economic developments and activity in major stock markets around the world Wednesday: (49 mins ago)

Clove and tobacco importer sues FDA to prevent ban

The top distributor of clove-flavored tobacco products in the U.S. is asking a federal court to decide whether its new filtered cigars fall under a new federal ban on flavored cigarettes. (20 mins ago)

Answer Desk: The shrinking dollar

The recent drop in the value of the dollar has been a good thing for U.S. exporters. But if the currency falls too far, the consequences could be serious. The Answer Desk, by John W. Schoen. (12 mins ago)

NewsWatch: Data should show progress toward jobless recovery

Economic stimulus, pent-up demand and the turn in the inventory cycle are working together to end the recession, but the recovery is still weak, economists say. (31 mins ago)

NewsWatch: Stocks turn to jobs woes, as new quarter starts

The stock market will start the coming week on edge about news from the job market, as investors turn to a new month and a new quarter seeking clues on whether the huge rally in stocks has gotten ahead of itself. (37 mins ago)

Stocks zigzag after economic reports disappoint

Stocks are seesawing in a tight range as disappointing reports on manufacturing and housing touch off worries about the strength of the economy. (9 mins to go)

Drop in home sales, tumbling oil weigh on stocks

A surprising decline in home sales and another sharp drop in oil prices are driving investors to sell stocks. (15 mins ago)

Centrro Acquires Barnone, Inc.

Centrro, Inc., a vertical search engine designed to help consumers find personal financial products that complement their specific credit profile, today announced the acquisition of BarNone, Inc., a leading provider of specialty finance and consumer services. (42 mins ago)

Health insurer WellPoint may cut more jobs

Health insurer WellPoint says it is considering another round of job cuts as it looks for ways to become more efficient. (3 mins to go)

Families ‘cross over’ to the smaller side of SUVs

Suburban mom Shana Rampersad is looking for a new family car, and it’s got to be fuel efficient, stylish and roomy. (8 mins ago)