What Wall Street’s Strong Quarter Really Means

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What Wall Street’s Strong Quarter Really Means

While a double-digit gain in stocks would be commonly celebrated, traders and investors said this quarter’s rally was more about the market no longer fearing that the U.S. banks were in danger of failing than a true economic recovery. (2 mins ago)

Just how big is a $50 billion fraud?

The amount of wealth that vanished under Bernard Madoff is roughly equal to that lost to burglars and thieves in the U.S. over 3 years. What punishment fits such a crime? (31 mins ago)

The Herald : Business: Main Business

Shops are the lifeblood of town centres. It sounds obvious, but retail regeneration campaigner Jane Wood says the idea is only just dawning on planners and policymakers. (52 mins ago)

NewsWatch: Stocks turn to jobs as first half draws to close

U.S. stocks face a busy schedule of economic reports packed into four days next week because of the July 4th holiday, with the key June employment report, and manufacturing and housing data keeping investors edgy as the first half of the year concludes. (50 mins ago)

Redundancy cover costs rise by 70%

Home loan insurance providers have clashed with the City regulator over concerns that they are imposing steep premium rises, or reductions in policy benefits, just as many customers are more likely to make a claim. (5 hours ago)

Apple vs. Psystar – It’s not about money!

The Florida-based Mac-clone maker Psystar threw in the towel back in May and filed for bankruptcy, but that doesn’t mean that Apple is willing to call off the hounds. (58 secs to go)

Rapid City Junior Achievement receives $10,000 grant from GE

The Rapid City branch of the Junior Achievement of South Dakota, Inc. program has received a $10,000 grant from the GE Foundation for Rapid City Junior Achievement. (2 hours ago)

Ca-business Summary

TORONTO – Toronto’s main stock index sank more than 4 percent on Monday to its lowest level in more than a month as falling commodity prices hit the resource-heavy TSX just after investors had thought the worst was over. (2 mins ago)

Village Cooperative alive, despite delays

MASON CITY The proposed Village Cooperative senior citizens housing complex has withstood a firestorm of challenges in the past two years. (5 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: The week’s 10 best Personal Finance stories

In case you missed them, here are the top 10 Personal Finance stories from MarketWatch for the week of June 15-19: (8 hours ago)