Admin mess leaves fund members in the lurch

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Admin mess leaves fund members in the lurch

More than 200 retirement funds are about to be left stranded and facing significant costs, resulting in the reduction of about 80 000 members’ retirement benefits, as financial services company Glenrand MIB Holdings seeks to place its retirement fund administration subsidiary into final liquidation. (2 hours ago)

Anti-poverty fund helps run pensions plunderer?

AN anti-poverty fund backed by Douglas Alexander, the international development secretary, is a key investor in a firm accused of plundering the pensions of thousands of African workers. (54 mins ago)

Gm Ceo To Host Another Restructuring Update Monday

GM CEO To Host Another Restructuring Update Monday (9 mins ago)

Security breach leads to Heartland Payment 1Q loss

A security breach at credit card processor and payroll services administrator Heartland Payment Systems Inc. has proven costly, driving the company to a first-quarter loss. (18 mins ago)

Bank tests bring a new set of stresses

The Treasury’s stress test? on banks has produced a number of unintended consequences including more stress for depositors and investors. (1 hour ago)

Emergency Credit: Finance Expert Says Don’t Do It

What Consumers Need A new bill, which aims to prohibit credit card companies from imposing sudden interest rate increases and that restricts them from opening lines of credit to anyone younger than 18, could forever change the way both consumers and creditors do business. Personal finance expert and nationally syndicated columnist Michelle Singletary explains what every borrower should know. (52 mins ago)

Foxbusiness: Chrysler Bankruptcy Hearing Delayed- Foxbusiness: Citi Making Progress With Investors

On Monday, Chrysler’s much-awaited bankruptcy hearing was delayed until Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. ET because Chrysler’s lenders did not have enough time to review the plan. (3 mins to go)

Consumers can train themselves to make smarter spending decisions

Instead of making rational decisions, consumers often make bad purchasing choices. Worse, they can be tricked and misled into spending more than they should. (11 hours ago)

How will organisations cope with a pandemic?

CASH supplies and care services for the vulnerable will be maintained should swine flu paralyse South Wales. (4 hours ago)

Moved jobs and lost track of pension benefits

Q: I have moved jobs and lost track of my pension benefits. How can I trace them? N Hunter, Dunmurry (2 hours ago)