How to Fix Your Life in 2009

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How to Fix Your Life in 2009

Frugality is, once again, a virtue. To help you settle into this strange new world, WSJ reporters have dug deep into their beats to offer advice that will help you make your dollars work harder. (2 hours ago)

Retirement resolutions for 2009

Exercise more, stop smoking, lose weight — all are excellent ideas for 2009 for those who need to prod themselves in those areas. (1 hour ago)

Frugal lessons for the New Year

No doubt many consumers will be happy to say farewell to 2008 with its record home foreclosures, massive job losses, and weak credit market. (2 hours ago)

Party like it’s $19.99: New Year’s Eve party goers mix thrift with social grace

The turn of the year is swiftly approaching. Thanks to a national recession, it’s out with the lavish and in with the sparing. (2 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: The week’s 10 best Personal Finance stories: Dec. 22-26

In case you missed them, here are the top 10 Personal Finance stories from MarketWatch for the week of Dec. 22-26: (2 hours ago)

Japan November industrial output falls ‘off the cliff’

Japan November industrial output falls ‘off the cliff’ (4 mins ago)

Local News & Events

Bianchi, Kasavan and Pope, LLP has announced additions to its staff in its Salinas office. (2 hours ago)

20 personal finance ideas for 2009

With the economic storm raging outside, how do you keep your financial house safe and sound? BusinessWeek has rounded up 20 savvy ideas from financial pros. (6 mins ago)

Understanding tax-free savings accounts

Tax-free savings accounts are a new way for people to save and avoid the taxman’s bite, writes Fred Langan. (14 mins ago)

Heuristic bias and the forex markets

Rules of thumb have their pitfalls and forex markets are no exception. The first question asked to me as a forecaster by a foreign investor few years back was not on Gold or Oil or India, but on euro-dollar forex rate. (12 mins ago)