It’s Time to Review Retirement Path

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It’s Time to Review Retirement Path

Spend ‘Til the End” challenges traditional retirement planning advice. (4 hours ago)

Afternoon roundup: More lousy retail numbers

This feature is under development and will be available soon. Good afternoon, shoppers. Sorry for the late update, but I’ve spent some extra time writing about future first lady Michelle Obama and how her fashion style can influence retail. Check it out. (3 hours ago)

Royal Bank warns of share offer threat to joint ventures

Key Royal Bank of Scotland joint ventures in Asia and the US could be scuppered if the take-up on a £15bn share offer comes up short and the government is forced to step into the breach to take a majority stake in the beleaguered bank, the shareholder prospectus revealed yesterday. (2 mins ago)

Crafting a better financial future

CHICAGO #8212; Dan Hassenplug’s monthly expenses used to include around $300 for lunch and three or four books bought from Amazon. com. Now he’s plugged into a new breed of social network that helps him manage his finances. (5 hours ago)

Ray Beauchemin’s Letters from Abu Dhabi: In the U.A.E., newspapers are still in growth mode

In sharp contrast to the situation in the U.S. and Canada — and even in Europe — the newspaper business in the United Arab Emirates is expanding. Like many of his colleagues in the U.A.E., MarketWatch columnist Ray Beauchemin has labored on both sides of that divide. (31 mins ago)

If the bad advice doesn’t get you

Two of the largest financial advice-providing organisations in the country, one a bank and the other a life assurance company have tried to avoid taking responsibility for the advice provided by their employees. We report on how the High Court has forced First National Bank to make good, while Old Mutual’s responsibility is being investigated. (4 hours ago)

Extolling the value of the long view

The search for wisdom in personal finance will take you sooner or later to John C. Bogle, who founded Vanguard, created the first index mutual fund and still preaches the gospel of long-term, low-cost, diversified investing. (7 mins ago)