Now is the time to manage savings

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Now is the time to manage savings

When it comes to your money, you may have trouble finding any reason to be thankful. With the stock market down sharply and many a bond fund hit by the credit crisis too, 401s and other savings have been brutalized by one of the worst financial disasters ever. Retirement might be looking like an unattainable dream. But you can be thankful for what you can control. (7 mins ago)

Lessons Learned: A second chance for the one-time stimulus check

You say your income during 2007 was so high that you missed out on getting one of the economic-stimulus checks distributed by the Internal Revenue Service this year. Surprise! You have another chance to qualify for the rebate, based on your adjusted gross income for 2008. (4 hours ago)

Rescue Schemes

The FBI has a Sacramento-based mortgage fraud task force in place, one of about 40 nationwide, and the Federal Trade Commission has a number of ongoing, nonpublic investigations of foreclosure rescue scams under way nationwide. Potential targets abound. (11 mins ago)

Consumers beware of retailers who file for bankruptcy

T he fallout from the current economic downturn is hitting retailers hard. (14 mins ago)

Happy holidays, without the debt

Jamie Cameron-Harley is big on Christmas. Her family loves to host a big holiday party, complete with a special gift for each guest. She generously spends on co-workers, family members, her husband, her son. (43 mins ago)

Beware of identity theft

My aunt in the US told us that she recently became a victim of identity theft. Her credit card was cloned then she was charged for purchases made in another country that she hasn’t even visited. The bank is currently investigating the matter. (26 mins ago)

How To Protect Yourself Against Credit-card Rate, Fee Hikes

How To Protect Yourself Against Credit-card Rate, Fee Hikes (9 hours ago)

Personal finance: Frugality is back

Frugality is making a comeback. Fearful that economic conditions could get worse and stay that way, Americans are showing an enthusiasm for thriftiness not seen in decades. This behavioral shift isn’t simply about spending less. The New Frugality emphasizes stretching every dollar. (7 mins ago)

Most people should forget muni bonds

Q: A current campaign encourages Californians to buy our state’s bonds. Do you think they are a good investment? L.M., by e-mailA: Bonds issued by states, cities and special districts are called municipal bonds or munis. (2 hours ago)

Retailers Ring Up Success With New Solutions Business Editors/software Writers

AP:MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–) _ Nov. 21, 2008– Small retailers want quick answers to three important questions: “What’s selling?” “Who’s buying?” And “How can I save and make more money?” (4 hours ago)