Univision’s Julie Stav Honored at the 3rd Annual National Council on Economic Education Visionary Awards Dinner

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Univision’s Julie Stav Honored at the 3rd Annual National Council on Economic Education Visionary Awards Dinner

NEW YORK—-At a ceremony held last night, the National Council on Economic Education , the leading network in the U.S. focused on promoting economic literacy, honored Julie Stav, Univision’s financial guru and host of Tu Dinero Con Julie Stav? , with the prestigious Visionary Award for her extensive work in the economic empowerment of millions of Hispanics. (27 mins ago)

Banks should be recapitalised – Lynch

Philip Lynch, head of investment company One51, today called for the swift recapitalisation of the Irish banks. (18 mins ago)

Business glossary: Write down, write off

Many major banks have been writing down the value of mortgage-backed assets because they are no longer worth the figures at which they are shown in the books (21 mins ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Go to cash today and you’ll carry a long-term burden

Investors don’t just have a button they can push and magically transform all their assets to cash; it takes individual sell orders, and that costs money. Also, unless you intend never to return to equities again, you are likely to have guaranteed you’ll mistime the market upon your return. (33 mins ago)

Extolling the Value of the Long View

The search for wisdom in personal finance will take you to John C. Bogle, who still preaches the gospel of long-term, low-cost, diversified investing. (1 hour ago)

Investors caught between theory and emotion

CHICAGO — The advice from financial experts has been painfully repetitive during weeks of decline in the markets: A bottom should be near. History says stocks always bounce back. Don’t sell now and miss the recovery. (3 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: A little talk might be the best treatment for the financial blues

When the stock market gets battered, Wall Street types like to talk about blood in the streets. That’s a figurative physical manifestation of the pain traders and investors feel when they lose money, especially when they lose a lot of it. (18 mins ago)

Mortgages: Fixed-rate mortgages reverse big gains of a week ago

CHICAGO — The benchmark 30-year mortgage headed down again this week, erasing most of the big gain it recorded a week earlier as interest rates continued to gyrate in response to the ongoing credit crisis, according to the latest Freddie Mac mortgage survey. (2 hours ago)

London close: Recession talk sparks sell-off

With the Prime Minister seconding the opinion of Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England, that the UK is on the brink of recession, equities predictably went into sharp reverse today. (5 mins ago)

Investing 101′ continues today

Following Sunday’s column, I’m continuing “Investing 101” today.While discount brokers offer some free investment material, you still have to make your own choices. (35 secs ago)