Patience Pays Off

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Patience Pays Off

Whatever your style of investing, the lesson of the millenium is clear: It pays to keep investing through market slumps. (1 hour ago)

Preparing Your Kids For A Recession

In a tough economy, talking about money and investing can be more important than a primer on the birds and the bees. Here are some lessons to share with your children. (1 hour ago)

Give teens the task of fundraising for college

There are plenty of reasons to encourage a teenager to take a summer job. It builds responsibility, provides a glimpse into the work world, develops credentials for the next job and, of course, produces some spending money. But if you are after serious money for college, there may be a better way. (9 hours ago)

Securities Firm Gone Under? Your Money’s Probably Safe

Federal officials say they engineered the rescue of Bear Stearns because its failure could have undermined the nation’s financial system. But if you’re a client of Bear or another tottering brokerage, you probably have a more mundane matter on your mind: Is your money safe? (2 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: A tax credit for home buyers may not work like you think

Congress is considering a couple of proposals that would provide a tax incentive for home buyers, legislation that aims to spur the housing market and help pare the big overhang of inventory on the market that is dragging down prices in many areas. But the limits in the competing plans make them nothing to write home about. (2 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: With food in short supply, these companies look appetizing

Between burgeoning populations, growing resource demands and increasing climate vagaries, food production is likely to be one of those stock stories that won’t be supplanted anytime soon. (5 mins ago)

Four bidders said lined up for RBS Insurance

LONDON – Four suitors including Zurich Financial Services have put in first-round, informal bids for Royal Bank of Scotland’s insurance operations, people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday. (3 mins ago)

Personal Finance Daily: In these industries, job security doesn’t depend on the economy

It would be nice to have a job that you loved, that paid great money, provided terrific benefits and which was not subject to the vagaries of the economy. It would be nice, but it wouldn’t be real. At least the last part may be attainable if you are willing to opt for a career in what are likely to be recession-proof industries. (1 hour ago)

Brokered CDs may not be covered if bank fails

Putting money into an FDIC-insured certificate of deposit called a brokered CD could seem like a no-brainer. It’s insured after all, right? (5 mins ago)

Many consumers spend early rebates on soaring cost of living

CHICAGO | Many Americans allowed themselves to fantasize about large-screen TVs, European vacations and other luxuries when they learned of the federal rebates they’d be getting this spring and early summer. (27 mins ago)