Personal Finance Daily: Protests at health insurers’ meeting highlight reform schisms

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Personal Finance Daily: Protests at health insurers’ meeting highlight reform schisms

Health care is a major issue not only for voters heading to the polls in November, but for health insurers, too. Just how far will health-care reform go in this country? Insurance heavyweights are watching closely, and no doubt throwing some money at the issue. (2 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Is an ‘encore’ career in your future?

The consensus these days is that many Americans will need to work long past age 62, the age at which many people retire currently, to be able to finance a retirement that is increasingly likely to last until age 90 or beyond. (6 mins ago)

Disability insurance: a financial priority

People suddenly disabled face increased risk of bankruptcy. An insurance policy can help. (49 secs ago)

Personal Finance Daily: With investing and health care, it’s not always in our control

Our personal finance stories today focus on investing and health, two areas of our lives that are in some ways firmly in our control yet often dramatically whipsawed by things far beyond our grasp. (30 mins ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Browsing the Web can help you cut grocery, restaurant costs

Given rising prices at the supermarket and the gas station, it’s likely that more people will turn to coupon-clipping. There’s already some evidence to support that claim: Visits to Web sites that post retailer coupons are up as much as 56% this year versus last year. (37 mins ago)

Grads are faced with life challenges

Thousands graduating from colleges and universities this year will face challenges, but they’ll have an easier time of it if they get going on the right foot by learning early to live within their means, avoid excessive debt and save for the things they want, experts say. (7 hours ago)

Taking Money Out of Your Home Through Refinance

Until a few years ago, it was an extremely common practice among homeowners to pull money out of their property through a “cash out” mortgage refinance. People used the funds for a huge array of purposes – from buying boats to taking lavish vacations in Hawaii. (7 hours ago)

Real Estate Live

Welcome to Real Estate Live, an online discussion of the Washington area housing market with Post Real Estate editor Maryann Haggerty. (1 hour ago)

Financial tips can help new college and university graduates

NEW YORK – After Sandra Hanna graduated from college, she moved back to her parents’ home so she could save some money. A year later, she moved out with a stash of $8,000 to help pay for her new life. (2 hours ago)

Vote for the Best Savings Idea

Choices include playing the “drugstore game,” driving in the rain, and cutting hair at home. (1 hour ago)