Small Business Report: Despite challenges, most small-business owners say it’s worth it

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Small Business Report: Despite challenges, most small-business owners say it’s worth it

SAN FRANCISCO — Even as they eye the U.S. economy worriedly and face tough challenges themselves, a majority of small-business owners said they’re content to stick to what they’re doing — even if offered more money to work for someone else, according to the latest Discover Small Business Watch. (2 hours ago)

Economy causes rise in credit card debt

Many Long Islanders are charging gasoline, milk, food and even, in some cases, other bills, experts said. (57 mins ago)

Three ways to be better off in retirement

Allow me to introduce the Power of Non-Financial Thinking. This is the kind of thinking that actual people can do. It involves none of the magical thinking preferred by those on Wall Street who make their living selling us the next financial cure-all. It also acknowledges something the financial services industry doesn’t want us to know. (41 mins ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Medicare cuts averted, and longevity insurance considered

With the stock market in freefall and plenty of other economic news to keep one distracted, it’s easy to forget about some of the slower-moving crises ahead of us. Such as paying for Medicare. And the fact that many Americans without adequate retirement savings may outlive their assets. (1 hour ago)

Intuit cuts 7 pct. of work force in reorganization

Financial software company Intuit Inc. said Thursday it is slashing about 7 percent of its work force as part of a reorganization. (1 hour ago)

Fed holds rates but inflation worries

The US Federal Reserve has held its main US interest rate steady at 2% and voiced greater concern about inflation. Its inflation comments are seen as taking it closer to raising interest rates in the future. (4 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: As house prices drop steeply, one reader points to benefit

The housing market isn’t wasting any time correcting itself, with prices across 20 U.S. cities diving 15% in the past year. It’s yet another sign that an increasing number of homeowners are watching their net worth erode, and worse. (14 mins ago)

Poll reveals Americans feel ill-prepared for retirement

Americans are unprepared for retirement, with some 19 percent afraid they’ll never be able to retire, according to a study released Monday by Bankrate Inc. (50 mins ago)

How Many Cards Are Too Many?

WALNUT CREEK — Most people who use credit have more than one card. But how many cards are too many? (11 hours ago)

After College, A Crash Course In Finance

Many college graduates will soon be wondering whether they should aggressively pay off their student loan debt or let it linger and make monthly payments for the next 10 years or even decades to come. (9 hours ago)