Gregory Karp: Even now, buying home a smart move

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Gregory Karp: Even now, buying home a smart move

SPENDING SMART BY GREGORY KARP Purchasing a home is generally considered a good way to spend money, but is a declining real estate market the right time to buy? How about housing markets where long-term prices have risen slower than average? What if prices already had a big run-up and haven’t fallen much? (33 mins ago)

Many consumers spend rebates on cost of living

Day-to-day living costs have sopped up the checks for many other early recipients and spoiled their rebate fantasies. (9 mins ago)

Carlisle discusses impact of resource estimate

Carlisle Goldfields Limited , in its press release of May 22, 2008, released details of the recently received NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate for its 100% owned MacLellan Gold Mine. (4 mins ago)

High gas forces Americans to curb visits to family, poll says

More than half of American drivers are curbing visits to friends and family because of high fuel costs, a new poll says. (9 mins ago)

Gutting gas guzzler can cost you

On television recently, I watched as a motorist said that all he could do about soaring gas prices was to close his eyes and pump. There are some things you actually can do to reduce your costs and fuel consumption such as driving slower and taking the junk out of your trunk. (51 mins ago)

No pat answer on credit cards

Most people who use credit have more than one card. (7 hours ago)

Investors wait for news before their next move

The old worries about struggling consumers and sick financial institutions arose again last week. And shocking increases in oil prices burned away the tentative calm investors exhibited after the Federal Reserve helped to rescue Bear Stearns from a sloppy collapse in mid-March. (4 hours ago)

How Thinking Costs You

Four months ago, judging myself to be the next Warren Buffett, I logged on to my Charles Schwab account and did something that in hindsight was astonishingly stupid, even for my own very long roster of financial screw-ups. I clicked over to the trading page and bought shares of Citigroup. (2 hours ago)

Judge allows appeal over bank charges

LONDON – Bank customers could have to wait years to find out whether current account charges are deemed “unfair” after a judge gave banks permission to appeal a ruling against them. (3 hours ago)

Carlisle Goldfields Limited announces initial resource estimate for McLellan Gold Project

Carlisle Goldfields Limited has received the results of an initial NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate for the McLellan Gold Project near Lynn Lake Manitoba containing Measured and Indicated resources of 932,000 tonnes 6.81 g/t gold and 11.4 g/t silver and an Inferred resource of 904,000 tonnes 7.16 g/t Au and 11.4 g/t Ag. (13 mins ago)