11 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

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11 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

The number of U.S. credit card holders who have been victimized by some type of identity theft is 10 million and counting. Don’t be one of them. (4 hours ago)

Bank regulators shut down MetaBank payday loans

An Iowa bank has been told by federal regulators to stop making short-term payday and tax refund loans to customers with prepaid debit cards because the program violates federal unfair or deceptive trade practice laws. (5 hours ago)

Aol, Private-equity Firms Mulling Yahoo Purchase: Report

AOL and private-equity firms are mulling a potential purchase of Yahoo. (5 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Banking isn’t as safe as it used to be

Got cash? The next time you get some at the ATM on the corner, you may be getting more than you bargained for. Read this story and more in today’s Personal Finance Daily. (6 hours ago)

Credit scores, Facebook defriending, buyer’s remorse and more

Questions from today’s reader mailbag range from the Tea Party to jogging music to the role of regret . (5 hours ago)

Personal Finance: Rush is on to cash in on all that glitters

As gold and silver prices sweep to record highs, the run-up is sparking interest among eager fortune hunters, inflation-fearing investors and recession-battered consumers. (11 hours ago)

Schools dally on financial literacy

Starting with this year’s high school freshmen, all Ohio students must receive financial literacy education. Some schools, like Reading High School, are doing well, but some are slow to embrace the new law, a UC educator contends. (4 hours ago)

Roseman: Fund error doesn’t wipe out exit fees

It’s better to pay up front charges when buying mutual funds, since back-end loads restrict your freedom to move. (42 mins ago)

The fight against clothes line bans

For decades, the clothes line has had an image problem in the US but, ahead of a rally to highlight the benefits of natural drying, is it about to be reclaimed? (2 hours ago)

On the Media: Onetime TV consumer watchdogs now ply their trade elsewhere

David Horowitz, Alan Mendelson and Judd McIlvain fight to build even modest audiences nowadays. David Horowitz was so big in the 1970s and ’80s that he appeared regularly on the “Today” show and “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. Carson satirized the super-earnest consumer watchdog as “David Howitzer, Consumer Supporter.” (44 mins ago)