Expert Eye: From budgeting to better deals, websites can help

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Expert Eye: From budgeting to better deals, websites can help

Savvy consumers can take advantage of a variety of online resources that will help them manage their finances. Clearly the web is a fantastic resource for anyone seeking to re (5 hours ago)

Taxes aren’t the prime consideration in retirement planning

Taxes aren’t the prime consideration in retirement planning (3 hours ago)

Teach pupils about money management, says MPs

Around 120 politicians have formed what is thought to be the biggest ever cross-party group in a bid to ensure children are equipped to make crucial financial decisions. (53 mins ago)

NewsWatch: Mubarak appoints leaders as protests rage

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak names a vice president and prime minister on Saturday as anti-government protests continued to roil cities in the key Middle Eastern country and security forces fired on civilians. (6 hours ago)

NewsWatch: Stocks reel on Egypt; Dow halts weekly wins

U.S. stock losses deepen Friday, dragged lower by disappointment over Microsoft, Ford and Amazon earnings, and a drop in consumer sentiment. (6 hours ago)

Debit card fees headed lower for merchants

Stephen Cole, owner of Snax restaurant in downtown Hollywood, is happy about a federal proposal that would reduce debit card fees. ( Susan Stocker, Sun Sentinel / January 27 , 2011 ) (5 hours ago)

MassMutual Teams Up with Gen Y Money Coach Farnoosh Torabi to Help Motivate Younger Retirement Plan Participants to Save

MassMutual’s Retirement Services Division has joined forces with Farnoosh Torabi, independent Generation Y money coach, multiple best-selling author, and personal finance journalist, to help connect with younger plan participants and inspire them to take a more active role in planning and saving for retirement. (6 hours ago)

PERSONAL FINANCE: Polishing credit score can open financial doors

Sherelle Villacorta had a good credit score, but like many people, she wanted a higher one. (2 hours ago)

Good news at last: change is on the cards

On 1 February new rules come into force to ensure that lenders advertise more accurate interest rates to customers who want to borrow money through loans or credit cards. One of the most important changes under the new Consumer Credit Directive is that lenders will now have display an interest rate or annual percentage rate that 51 per cent of customers are actually offered. (3 hours ago)

Spending on the big day

PERSONAL FINANCE:A pig on a spit is the new chocolate fountain, and hired photo booths and chipper vans are making an appearance. Brides are cutting back on some wedding extras but new, recession-defying trends are emerging (3 hours ago)