Robert Powell’s Your Portfolio: No debt-limit deal? Your investments plummet

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Robert Powell’s Your Portfolio: No debt-limit deal? Your investments plummet

It’s no joke. The sky over the investment world and everything under it, including bonds, stocks, money markets, commodities, you name it, will fall unless lawmakers raise the $14.3 trillion Federal debt ceiling by Aug. 2. (4 hours ago)

Personal Finance: Dwindling perks, less perkiness

They are the walking wounded – the people who still have jobs but are growing weary after all the cuts and pressures at work as companies continue trying to do more with less. (37 mins ago)

NewsWatch: Does Apple need a cheaper iPhone?

Apple has carved out a highly profitable portion of the smartphone market with its popular iPhone, but analysts believe the company is designing a cheaper version of the device for new market segments. (11 hours ago)

Stress a major factor for workers

STRESS is a major contributor to absenteeism in the workplace with low staff morale also an issue. (6 hours ago)

NewsWatch: U.S. stock investors shift to domestic concerns

After five days of strong gains in the stock markets that were boosted by receding worries of a Greek default, eyes will likely turn closer to home next week to read the tea leaves of key U.S. economic data, including June employment and retail sales r…

AirPlus International, in Partnership with Santander Group, BNP Paribas, UBS and Nordea Modernize the Business Travel

AirPlus International, a leading international provider of business travel expense analysis and payment solutions, now partners with worldwide leading financial institutions Santander, BNP Paribas, UBS and Nordea to provide companies in the internation…

Uk Consumer Morale Weakens In June

Confidence among British consumers declined more than expected in June after the "feel-good factor" of the extra bank holidays and Royal Wedding that sparked the sharpest jump in sentiment in 18 years in May diminished, results of a key survey showed Thursday. (4 hours ago)

Beginning of end for Greek troubles, or for Greece itself?

We are on the verge of an economic collapse,’ Soros says of euro developments (11 hours ago)

UE Sports Information Director Boxell stepping down

During his 29 years as the sports information director at the University of Evansville, Bob Boxell always striven to do what was best when it came to promoting the Aces’ athletics programs. It’s been a juggling act that he has enjoyed immensely even if…

State agencies face campaign finance sanctions

State campaign finance watchdogs handed out three fines Thursday hitting a House Republican political committee, a Democratic county executive and a Seattle-based political advocacy group for immigrants. (1 hour ago)