Consumer Focus research does more harm than good

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Consumer Focus research does more harm than good

I wrote an article in the Sunday Telegraph in 2004 with the headline Brokers get paid £1.5bn for doing nothing?. Not surprisingly, it provoked an angry response from financial advisers. (57 mins ago)

Dealing with debt collectors when you don’t owe

Some agencies have wrong numbers and won’t stop calling. (5 hours ago)

Fear Over Debt Fight Hits Wall St.

Anxiety about a deadline to raise the nation’s debt ceiling swept across Wall Street on Wednesday and drove the Dow Jones industrial average down almost 200 points. (14 mins ago)

Credit unions merge, focus on customer service

EXETER Service Credit Union celebrated its merge with Seacoast Credit Union July 20 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a merge Service Credit Union President Gordon Simmons called a "win-win" scenario. (3 hours ago)

Recovery’ may not be the right word for what’s going on

Why haven’t we been able to shake the shell-shocked feeling of the Great Recession? (23 mins ago)

Personal Finance Daily: More control over your credit report, coming soon

Good news for consumers on the credit-report and credit-score front. Read that story, plus find out about Social Security calculators and how to be smart about your ice-cream consumption, all in today’s Personal Finance Daily. (11 hours ago)

What’s in store today

Severn Trent makes an appearance today. The water industry has been under careful watch since the bid for Northumbrian Water was confirmed at the start of this month. Severn Trent is also not without its suitors, boasting attractive cash and profit l…

Guest MMQB columnist Al Michaels: Across the nation, everyone is ready for some football

With Peter King on summer vacation, legendary broadcaster Al Michaels agreed to write today’s Monday Morning Quarterback column and discusses the nation’s thirst for football, the good and bad of hotels and more. (4 hours ago)

Fisher Investments Looking for Qualified Candidates

WOODSIDE, Calif.—-Fisher Investments plans to maintain hiring as the firm experiences continued growth. Opportunities are available in its Washington and California offices. (8 hours ago)

Personal Finance Topic #236 – Ugly Financial Decisions

Ugly Financial Decisions I have made some really bad financial decisions – but I’ve also made more good financial decisions. So I learn from my own mistakes as well as other people’s . . . (3 hours ago)