Medical credit cards have unusual pitfalls

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Medical credit cards have unusual pitfalls

Diane Lafata figured that financing $5,500 for dentures on a medical credit card was a doable deal. (8 hours ago)

The Best Retirement Places

We looked at taxes, living costs, weather, opportunities to stay active, doctors, crime and other data to find 16 top cities. (5 hours ago)

12,200 sign compulsory financial education petition

A petition to make financial education a compulsory part of the school curriculum has been signed by more than 12,200 people with that number rising quickly. (1 hour ago)

Graduates saddled with student loans may pay dearly for decades to come

Ian Hrabe remembers the phone calls. They started cordially, but got nastier and nastier, until finally the student loan company was calling at 7 a.m., demanding payment on its loan. (7 hours ago)

Weston: Meet Rev. Billy, high priest of frugality

What’s the biggest religion in America: Catholicism? Evangelical Christianity? Mainstream Protestantism? It’s consumerism, according to the Rev. Billy — the deeply held American belief that buying stuff makes us better and happier, that purchases can …

5 Insider Secrets for Coming Up With Cash for Down Payment

Most home buyers? biggest hurdle is coming up with the cash for a sensible down payment. Gone are the days of zero-down loans, so if that was your plan, you’re going to need a new one! Coming up with a down payment for a home is a challenge because it’…

U.S. debt downgrade could mean rate hikes for all

NEW YORK Lawmakers weren’t able to prevent the country from losing its coveted AAA debt rating. (8 mins ago)

Shoppers to feel effects of Fed ruling on debit fees

You might not have paid attention to the fierce yearlong battle between merchants and banks over debit cards, but you’ll likely notice the outcome in your wallet. (2 hours ago)

Malaysians more optimistic about jobs and economy

PETALING JAYA – DESPITE the increasing cost of living, especially with fuel price hikes, there has been a rebound in Malaysian consumer confidence in the second quarter of this year. Nielsen’s latest online consumer survey showed that the consumer conf…

Consumers get scant relief

The debt limit deal carries implications for Americans’ borrowing, spending and investments. (4 hours ago)