Chilton fired up about joining Dragons? Den

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Chilton fired up about joining Dragons? Den

The Wealthy Barber is leaving the barber shop and entering the Dragons? Den.

Showdown in rare earth row with China

When Barack Obama's BlackBerry buzzes in his pocket, it wouldn't be a surprise if his mind turns to a big trade dispute with China. The super-powerful, super-small magnets that make many smartphones vibrate these days are made from neodymium, o…

Grateful Dead inspiration for business, personal finance acumen

Change and improvisation are crucial in today's tough economic times, says professor.

Murdoch offloads TV technology firm NDS

Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation has offloaded its remaining stake in NDS, a satellite TV technology provider where computer hacking allegations have returned to haunt its former parent company.

Chunks of data to calculate inflation

How the pineapple will be used to calculate the cost of living

NewsWatch: Japan recovery: Heroic bid may yet fall short

Nearly a year after a monster earthquake set off a chain-reaction of tragic events, Japan serves as a reminder of not only how far it has come from the catastrophic aftermath, but also how much more difficult its task remains.

NewsWatch: U.S. stocks rise after upbeat jobs report

U.S. stocks gain after data show the economy added more jobs than expected last month, furthering optimism that the American recovery continues.

Fidelity Investments' 2011 profit rises 13 percent

Fidelity Investments said on Wednesday that its operating income rose 13 percent in 2011, the third consecutive year of rising profits for the privately held company after a slowdown during the financial crisis.

How to Score 13% With Annaly Capital Management

Unless some Annaly trader screws up, the good times will continue to roll for the real estate investment trust — at least through 2013.

Answers on credit scores and federal deposit insurance

I reached into the e-mail bag and took two questions for this week. Keep the questions coming. I love to hear from you. QHello, Chris, I've been listening to you on the radio and reading your articles for many years and enjoy what you have to say.