Money Insider: Despite their high rates, these credit cards are good news

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Money Insider: Despite their high rates, these credit cards are good news

This week saw the launch of another credit card advertising an actual percentage rate in excess of 35 per cent. Surprisingly, I'm not going to rant about the extortionate-looking interest rate, but focus on the positive, ie the option it gives peo…

Six companies making creative use of tablets

These businesses are using mobile technology as both a marketing edge and a productivity tool.

Stock market has largely recovered, but more investors playing it safer

As Europe's debt crisis reached a boil earlier this year, John Began jettisoned his investments in stock funds with foreign holdings.

Susan Tompor: Locksmith scam a new twist

Locks are supposed to keep the crooks away — or at least make them work harder. So who would imagine that there's a locksmith scam out there?

What's in your wallet? Wait, you don't need one

Most Americans pay with plastic or cash when they visit the grocery store, buy their daily coffee, or fill up the gas tank. But a growing number of large companies are trying to change that.

Recent study suggests many companies pay far less than established corporate tax

According to a recent study carried out by NerdWallet, a website that provides personal finance advice and credit card comparisons, the average tax rate paid by America’s ten most profitable companies

Portland excels at making the list

Talk about a model city! Portland corners the market as magazines and websites rank locations for livability. What does it all mean? That may be the No. 1 question.

Polls show Mainers are pessimists in paradise

The lazy, hazy days of summer descended upon Hancock County on Wednesday, leaving the mountains of Mount Desert Island peeking through the haze from across Frenchman Bay in Sullivan.

11 common credit card goofs

Whether due to confusion or carelessness, credit card mistakes are all too common. The fallout can be costly, no matter what the cause. Even a single slip-up can result in higher interest rates, lower credit limits, unwanted fees or dings to a credit s…

Personal Finance Daily: 7 ways to prevent theft on campus

Amy Hoak notes in her Home Economics column that one of the biggest threats on college campuses today is theft, as students have more personal electronics to keep tabs on and their financial information is vulnerable.