Can Brazil Teach the U.S. about Financial Literacy?

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Can Brazil Teach the U.S. about Financial Literacy?

As the BRIC nation rises in economic prominence, its secret weapon may increasingly need to be personal finance education.

Who Says Personal Finance Software is Dead?

With the proliferation of online money-management tools, many consumers assume financial desktop software is defunct and worth burying in the graveyard of outdated computer products. A number of experts, however, say desktop products are arguably more …

NRA Financial Seminars will Feature America's Gold Expert® Mike Fuljenz

Attendees at the upcoming NRA meetings in Houston can learn how to profit in the gold market at personal finance seminars, May 4, 2013, conducted by America's Gold Expert® Michael Fuljenz and financial advisor Shad Ketcher.Beaumont, Texas April 2…

Does Financial Literacy Matter?

Does increasing your knowledge of personal finance make you a better money manager? Declares the Top Questions to Ask Prior to Taking out a Loan

The personal finance editors at ( Declares the Top Five Facts About Bad Credit Loans

The personal finance editors at (

16 Ways to Make Haggling Work for You

It happens in markets and stores all around the world: Buyers and sellers haggle over prices. Sometimes they succeed and a deal is struck. Other times the buyer walks away empty handed.

Plenty of shortcomings in Canadians? financial habits

Canadian consumers are lacking knowledge and skills in many aspects of their personal finances, a recent survey by Desjardins Group suggests. The survey of 3,000 Canadians, as part of the Desjardins Personal Finance Index, reveals numerous shortcomings…

Here's When You Know It's Time To File For Bankruptcy

Here’s a recent email from a reader that offers the opportunity to talk about when enough is enough. Dear Stacy, I know you deal with a LOT of debt collection questions, but I couldn’t find the answer to mine in a search of your website’maybe I don’t h…

Secrets of the Rich

In the trenches of class warfare, the wealthy are winning.