Personal finance down 1.8% in June

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Personal finance down 1.8% in June

Official data shows personal finance loans have fallen 1.3 per cent per cent in July and housing finance for owner occupiers was flat.

37 Personal Finance Experts to Follow on Twitter

140 characters doesn't offer a lot of room to impart financial wisdom. But when it comes to money advice on Twitter, these experts, reporters and bloggers use the microblogging site to make their followers more financially savvy. If you want to bru…

4 Things to Teach Your Kids About Retirement

In the United States, we depend on parents to teach their kids about personal finance. Our public education system also isn't eager to sign up for financial education. Only 17 states require students to take a personal finance course as a high scho…

8 Excuses for Not Saving Money Debunked

After two decades of personal finance reporting, I’ve heard every excuse in the book for not saving money. That said, none of them really hold up at least over the long term.

Personal Finance: Managing Your Finances During Wedding Season

Attending a wedding and all the celebrations that go along with it is no longer just expensive for the bride and groom but can also make a sizeable dent in the guest’s pockets too. The costs of buying gifts for the wedding, bachelor’s or hen’s parties …

The Financial Literacy Gap Costs College Graduates Thousands

The financial literacy gap that is impacting college students and graduates is hurting the economy. It's time to teach personal finance and investing in schools to offset what kids learn at home.

5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Budget

Pinterest, like all social media platforms, can be a huge time sink. After all, it only takes a few failed Pinterest projects to funnel money into things you'll never use. But there is a flip side to Pinterest. Troll your favorite personal finance …

Personal finance apps for the android

Upon reviewing personal finance apps for iPhone and iPad, it's time to take a look at budgeting apps for the Android phone and tablets. As an Android user, I struggled to find an app that did all I wanted it Continue reading

High Schoolers Learn Personal Finance Through On-campus Banking

Experience using financial products may reinforce students' financial literacy, according to a report published in July from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. Union Bank has branches at three public high schools in the stat…

Important Financial Moves for Every Decade

Personal finance is something you think about your entire adult life, and most of us have a common end goal: to achieve financial independence and enjoy a comfortable retirement. This time is also important for thinking about long-term care insurance a…