5 Prime Target Groups for Identity Thieves

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5 Prime Target Groups for Identity Thieves

Identity theft can happen to anyone, but certain types of consumers — including children and the elderly — are especially tempting targets because they may not check their credit report regularly, and a scammer could go undetected for years. Here&#39…

Macedonia man pleads not guilty in US identity theft case

LAS VEGAS A Macedonia man pleaded not guilty Monday in federal court in Las Vegas to criminal charges alleging he sold counterfeit credit cards as part of worldwide cybercrime identity-theft organization known as Carder.su.

Obama to focus on cybersecurity issues next week

WASHINGTON Continuing the break with State of the Union tradition, President Barack Obama will spend most of the coming week previewing more of the proposals he will outline in the address, including on identity theft, electronic privacy and cybersec…

Hotel Wi-Fi exposes woman's passport, credit card numbers

A woman who received an anonymous warning after logging onto a Winnipeg hotel's Wi-Fi is afraid she may be a victim of identity theft.

Identity theft ring busted by Regina police

Four people from Alberta face more than 100 charges, most related to multiple counts of identity theft in Regina.

Regina police investigation nets identity theft ring

Four people from Alberta are facing more than 100 charges, most of them related to multiple counts of identity theft in Regina.

Sony Hack Identity Theft Victim: I Can't Find a Job Now

Freelance film accountant Nicole Basile's name was used in emails sent by hackers pointing journalists to stolen files, after which she was flooded with calls, texts and emails

Identity theft victims face months of hassle

SAN FRANCISCO As soon as Mark Kim found out his personal information was compromised in a data breach at Target last year, the 36-year-old tech worker signed up for the retailer's free credit monitoring offer so he would be notified if someone us…

Charges: Impostor changed name of ID theft victim

WICHITA, Kan. A Mexican man living unlawfully in the United States for decades was arrested Tuesday in an identity theft scheme so ingenious that prosecutors say he fooled a court into changing the name of the U.S. citizen whose identity he assumed t…

Sony Pictures Hack: How to Avoid Identity Theft

Last week, as has been widely reported, Sony Pictures Entertainment suffered a devastating network intrusion at the hands of still-unknown attackers.